This one goes way back! Norma Jordan was/is a TV star/recording artist in Italy. I mixed this in New Orleans for Carson  Whitsett  (Producer) and Ciao Records. "Pay the Price" was top 5 in Italian charts

Billy Marquis from Indianola, Mississippi from "The Blues and Beyond"

Etta James! My first project with producer Allen Toussaint. This went through 3 different record companies from start to finish. Engineers including myself were Cosimo Matassa, Skip Godwin, Roberta Grace. Not sure who mixed this. Etta was wonderful!

Arranged by the Fairlight master, Carl Marsh. Niko Lyras and I engineered at Cotton Row Recording in Memphis. Original tracks recorded in Paris.  Diane Charted Top 10 in France

I mixed this in Memphis for Bobby Rush and Urgent! Records. Recorded in Jackson, Mississippi

Family Players from New Orleans. Isaac Bolden Produced for Epic Records. I recorded and mixed.

I played drums on this single for Bayou Roux. Randy Miller Produced and Engineered.  This also featured Ray Benson from Asleep At The Wheel.  Recorded in Texas

The Wallets from Minneapolis. Allen Toussaint, Producer. Recorded by Reggie Toussaint and me in New Orleans. I mixed this with the band in Minneapolis. Twin Tone Records

Taylor & Martinez - Charlotte Taylor (Vocals) and George Martinez (Guitar)  Cream/Hi Records 

Taylor & Martinez  Cream/Hi Records

"Who Shot John?" from James Peterson's cd "Preaching the Blues"  Malaco Records

Creed from Memphis, TN.  I produced and engineered this at Sounds of Memphis Studio. Bernie Bernil, their incredible "live" mixer assisted.

​Black Oak Arkansas -"Sweet Delta Water" - I produced and engineered this in Memphis. This release was a ruff mix taken from a cassette. Welcome to the record business!

Jazz Orchestra of the Delta produced and arranged by Jack Cooper. Featured Marvin Stamm. I mixed in Memphis

Produced by Sy Rosenberg. I recorded and mixed Shirley Brown at Delta Sound Recording, West Memphis, AR

Taylor & Martinez. Also featured the Memphis Horns. Produced by Oliver Warren for Cream/Hi Records. Recorded and mixed by Ollie and me at Delta Sound

James Carr - Soul Survivor- I mixed this in Memphis for Quinton Claunch and John Ward. I think this was the legendary artist's last recordng. ACE Records in Europe.

I recorded and mixed this for Aric and Beth Schneller with the Sam Houston State University Jazz Big Band

SRV produced by Jim Gaines. I assisted Richard Mullen in recording Stevie's guitars. Dave McNair mixed.

I have had, and continue to have, an eclectic career in many genres of music.  As a musician, recording & mixing engineer/producer I have worked in Jazz, Blues, Rock, R&B, Country, Gospel/Contemporary Christian and Classical music.  Below are links to some of the YouTube videos  I have been involved with.  For those who are interested I've listed some info about the recordings.    As current projects are released, they will be added.  Thanks for listening!  DJ

I recorded Irma Thomas' vocal and mixed "Safe With Me" with John Fred at Sea-Saint in New Orleans for Record Company of the South (Baton Rouge, LA). The tracks were recorded at Malaco Studio in Jackson, MS. I guess disco was still around? :-)

Ramsey Lewis - ​"You Are the Reason" Produced by Allen Toussaint. Recorded and Mixed by Danny Jones at Sea=Saint Recording in New Orleans

Oh Ma Ma Anders Osborne Produced by John Autin  I mixed in Memphis

Suzanne's Band Video 5-22-20 - On A Good Day - Produced and engineered by Danny Jones

I recorded Bobby for producers Tommy Couch, Sr. and Wolf Stephenson. Malaco Records . This was nominated for a GRAMMY.

I played drums with Bobby Vee on the Midnight Special NBC. Yes, I was once young and had lots of hair!

Steve Masakowski produced by David Torkanowsky

Suzanne's Band Produced and mixed at ATR Sudio, Katy, TX by Danny Jones

I produced this in Memphis for Pat Smith. Played drums, engineered with Bob Rice, sang BGVs with Jimi Jamison. This was the Mississippi Country Song of the Year 2015 

Steve Masakowski. This project featured Dave Liebman, and a cast of New Orleans's elite jazz musicians. David Torkanowsky produced. Recorded at Sea-Saint and UltraSonic Studios in New Orleans by Jay Gallager and me. I mixed this at Studio in the Country in Bogalousa, LA

Suzanne's Band video was nominated for video of the year 2019 East Texas Music Association.  I recorded this with David Ehninger at ATR Studio, Katy, TX.

Diane Tell Parlaphone Records

Charted Billboard's top 40 R&B Isaac Bolden produced, I recorded and mixed. ATCO Records

​Ok, another Etta James. She is one of my all time favorite artists to record! I Miss that Lady! 'Don't Stop" was written and produced by my friend and my hero, Allen Toussaint.

I recorded James Peterson at Malaco Studio in Jackson, MS and mixed at Muscle Shoals Sound, Sheffield, AL. Produced by Tommy Couch, Jr.

I recorded and mixed at Sea-Saint. Allen Toussaint produced. Routes charted top 10 in Billboard's Jazz Charts.

Etta James  Night by Night was engineered by Skip Godwin and me. Allen Toussaint Produced.

The Pitifuls from Nashville, TN. Produced by Carson Whitsett and Danny Jones in Memphis. Locobop Records

Grammy Pro Summit New Orleans 2016 "The Studio Magic of Allen Toussaint"

"On the Rocky Side" by Pat Smith and Haywood Drive from Mississippi.  I produced and mixed. Co-engineered with Bob Rice in Memphis. 

Produced by Allen Toussaint. Skip Godwin and I engineered. I mixed.

Produced by Allen Toussaint. I recorded with Skip Godwin and  mixed at Sea-Saint Recording in New Orleans, LA. This single charted top 40 in Billboard. 

Calculated X. Wildly popular band in 1980s Memphis. Charted top 10 locally. Producer/engineer, Danny Jones

Back to my R&B roots with Johnny Adams. Arranged by Wardell Querzeque. I mixed this for producer Senator Jones. This is an "enhanced" version.

Jerry Butler's Time and Faith charted Billboard's top 100. Produced by Tim Whitsett and Danny Jones

Ivan and the world famous Neville Brothers! I mixed this at Sea=Saint in New Orleans

Patti Labelle's Release charted in Billboard's pop and R&B charts. Allen Toussaint, Producer. Skip Godwin and I engineered. I mixed. EPIC Records

From the cd Blues and Beyond. Recorded by Ollie Warren and me. I mixed at Delta Sound, West Memphis, AR

Anders's first solo record. I mixed this in Memphis. John Autin produced for Rabadash Records. Recorded in New Orleans and Sweden.